What to do after getting a DUI in Illinois?

This question can be overwhelming and confusing. Clear2DriveTM is here to clear things up for you! Let us help get you back on the road.

Did you know on average, 12,000 Illinois residents are driving with an interlock device installed on their car? Illinois law requires those with a DUI to install an interlock device in order to receive a driving permit. DUI laws in Illinois can be overwhelming, but it is important to follow the rules.

DUI Laws in Illinois

Illinois has two kinds of permits, a Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP) and a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP). An MPPD is for a first-time DUI conviction, and an RPD is for a person with two or three DUI convictions. An MDDP allows a person to drive anywhere as long as they are driving a vehicle installed with an interlock. An RDP allows a person to drive on a restricted basis. An RDP requires the interlock to be installed for a period of five continuous years or more.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office downloads interlock information every 60 days. If a download shows an interlock violation, a person’s suspension may be extended for an additional three months for each violation, and/or the driving permit may be canceled. Multiple extensions may result in the car being impounded for a period of at least 30 days or being seized/forfeited.

We have state specialists standing by to help you navigate Illinois Secretary of State’s office forms and help you get your driving privileges back. The difference is clear with Clear2DriveTM.



Failing Testing
-6 months
(MDDP eligible)
Refusing Testing
-12 months
(MDDP eligible)


Offense or Subsequent

Failing Testing
-12 months
Refusing Testing
-36 months

Additional items you might need to obtain a permit
You may have to prove a hardship exists.
Provide a current professional alcohol/drug evaluation

The First Step To Getting You Back On The Road

If you have an Illinois Secretary of State’s office or court order to install an interlock device, complete the Clear2DriveTM Illinois Interlock Application to start your installation process by selecting Start Here.

The material provided on this website is for information only and is not intended to provide legal guidance. Please consult your attorney and/or state authorities for specific details and instructions as needed.


It is an in-car breathalyzer that measures how much alcohol your breath contains. You may have heard them called anything from in-car breathalyzers to car interlocks or even blow-and-goes. Based upon Illinois DUI laws, BAIIDs are used to prevent drivers from starting their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. When a device registers test results above a pre-set limit, the vehicle just won’t start.

The device requires servicing and re-calibration every 30 to 60 days by an authorized service center. This is according to the DUI laws in Illinois. Our Clear2DriveTM AAS 2.0 device exceeds the calibration stability requirements as set forth in the NHTSA Model Specifications. Under DUI Illinois laws, you may be required to perform periodic breath tests while driving. However, a BAIID won’t ever stop your vehicle while you’re driving.

The average expense of having a BAIID is $3 per day. However, aid for low-income drivers is available in the state of Illinois. On the other hand, you could choose not to drive at all. But be aware that there can be very strict penalties imposed if you drive on a suspended license. Also, a conviction could lead to additional fines, a longer sentence, and even some jail time.

When you choose Clear2DriveTM, you can count on us to guide you toward successful IID program completion as required by the DUI laws in Illinois. And, this will occur both on time and free of any hidden costs. Besides the installation of the device, we also handle communicating with the DMV for you. With a top-rated interlock company like ours, you’ll be getting the advantage of:

  • A trained and certified installation team
  • An easy-to-use interlock device
  • A transparent upfront fee structure
  • Expert 24/7 customer support via chat, email, phone, or text

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