Negative Effects of Alcohol on Driving

Avoid Drinking and Driving

Alcohol decreases the functioning of the central nervous system, including the brain. As a result, it is not recommended that anybody participate in drinking and driving, since alcohol levels may impair your driving by causing: Eyesight problems Shorter response times Decreased attentiveness and concentration Feeling more relaxed and tired, which may result in a motorist […]

BAC vs BrAC: Main Differences

BAC test

Drivers who have been pulled over for drunk driving may have heard the abbreviations BAC and BrAC but are unsure what they imply. We’ll go through how they’re determined and how they may be influenced. We will also go over BAC devices and blood alcohol levels. Any questions about blood alcohol level or blood alcohol […]

7 Convincing Reasons Not to Drink and Drive

Woman Preventing Drunk Man From Taking Car Keys, Closeup. Don’t Drink and Drive Concept

Drinking and driving is a dangerous problem in the United States — every 52 minutes, one person is killed in an alcohol-involved crash. Intoxicated drivers aren’t the only victims; these accidents take the lives of innocent children, pedestrians, and sober drivers. If you’re someone who drives after a night of drinking, don’t wait until a […]